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history meme - one war - the war of 1812

On June 18, 1812, American President James Madison declared war on Great Britain. Lacking naval power, the Americans tried to take Upper and Lower Canada. The Canadian Governor General, Georges Prevost had few means to defend the colonies; nor could he rely on the loyalty of their inhabitants, which was far from assured. Nevertheless, the British had good officers, such as Major Isaac Brock. They could also count on an Native alliance led by Tecumseh, who was seeking to create a grand alliance of Native Nations. Certain individuals stood out in this conflict, such as Isaac Brock and Laura Secord for the English side and Charles-Michel de Salaberry for the French. This war created a number of symbols and had a profound impact on all parties. Some writers attribute the British victory of 1812 to the efficiency of the militia and to the union of French and English against a common enemy. It also enabled Canada to affirm the loyalty of its inhabitants to Great Britain. For the Americans, it was a second American Revolution. The real losers in this conflict were the Native peoples, who lost their independence as a result of American expansion. [x]

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